“Our crew tripled their (pipe laying) production when we got the CrewPlex system.”

Larry Bringhurst – Alexander Seal Coating

“CrewPlex has proven to be invaluable, not only for the safety of our workers but also for the efficiency & productivity of our operation.”

Tim Beguin – Wiregrass Construction

“Before we got CrewPlex, it was so chaotic on the job site, now its sped up production and made us safer.”

James Gates – A & O Tree Service

“With CrewPlex, we moved an additional 1000 yards from the previous workday.  It only took us one day to realize the benefit of the system and how it is invaluable in our business. ”

Cam Lanier – Owner, Evergreen Erosion Control

“The main thing about crossing the intersection, you have to go fast to avoid traffic.  We did it safely and efficiently.  It helped us dramatically crossing this busy street…on top of that, [CrewPlex] boosted our productivity.  We probably did 12 hours worth of work yesterday in a regular 8 hour day.”

Nathan Boulware – FSC Electrical Construction